Philippe Quesne / Vivarium Studio (France)

Philippe Quesne / Vivarium Studio (France)


A handful of poetic scarecrows live in a world where human beings have seemingly disappeared, attempting to preserve what remains of the living. Farm Fatale is a touching post-apocalyptic tale, situated somewhere between melancholy and combativity. 

Five masked scarecrows, neither fully human nor puppets – live inside an immaculate white setting. The only remaining vestiges of nature are a few bales of hay which the characters use periodically for shelter. Hoping to not forget their previous world, they try to record the final sounds of animals, run a pirate radio service and invent new utopias. Facing the world environmental threat posed by humanity, the activist-clowns of Philippe Quesne show us the damage, while not giving up on thinking about the future: their capacity for wonder as they contemplate the beauty of nature can now be counted as an act of resistance.

Philippe Quesne received his education in Visual Arts. For 10 years he designed sets for theater, operas, and exhibitions. In 2003, he created the Vivarium Studio Company as a laboratory for theatrical innovation and collaboration between painters, actors, dancers and musicians. As he did as a child, collecting insects, he now works and studies small communities under his microscope. The scenography is used as an ecosystem in which he immerses his actors into. His shows, such as La Démangeaison des ailes (2003), L’Effet de Serge (2007), La Mélancolie des dragons (2008), Swamp Club (2013), compose a repertory of tours all over the world.

Philippe Quesne has previously been invited to Estonia several times: with the “L’Effet de Serge” at the August Dance Festival (Tallinn, 2015) and with “Big Bang” (2010) and “The Night of the Moles” (2016) at the Baltoscandal festival.

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Sun 7.07 15:30 Rahu hall BUY TICKET 

Duration: 90 min
In English with Estonian subtitles

Directed by Philippe Quesne; With Léo Gobin, Anne Steffens (role created by Julia Riedler), Sébastien Jacobs (role created by Stefan Merki), Nuno Lucas (role created by Damian Rebgetz), Gaëtan Vourc’h; Stage Manager François Boulet; Sound Manager Félix Perdreau; Lighting director Vincent Chrétien; Set design collaboration Nicole Marianna Wytyczak; Costume Designer Nora Stocker; Masks Brigitte Frank; Lighting design Pit Schultheiss; Sound design Robert Göing, Anthony Hughes; Assistant directors Jonny-Bix Bongers, Dennis Metaxas; Dramaturgy Martin Valdés-Stauber, Camille Louis.

Creation production Münchner Kammerspiele
Touring production Vivarium Studio
Shows at Baltoscandal are supported by Institut Francais Estonie (French Institute in Estonia).
Show created on 29 March 2019 for the repertoire of the Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich (Germany).