Baltoscandal announced new programme

16th international performing arts festival Baltoscandal takes place in July 1-4 2020 in Rakvere. This year it will be 30 years since the first festival.

On 1st of May we announced our full programme but had to cancel it the same moment it was published. This programme contained special artists and groups with whom we have been working and keeping up hope during past 1,5 years. 18 different performances, installations and films from 8 countries, amongst it 3 premieres from Estonia. We were looking for alternative possibilities to have this festival sparkling Estonian culture summer and to bring together and mix different tastes, colours, sounds, feelings, opinions, languages, tones, rhythms and cliches. From the beginning the connecting line of this festival has been bringing out different forms, reasons and possibilities of theatre making. 

Keeping this in mind we were able to create a new programme with mainly Estonian directions that could not have their planned premieres during the spring. We could also retain the international films ja installations that were in the first version. The new programme was published on 1st of June. The ticket sales starts the very moment we know how many places the government regulations allow us to accommodate into halls.

Our main priority is still the health and wellness of our artists, team and audience. We thank all the artists for patience, trust and collaboration.

Hope is the last that Baltoscandal will lose. 

Stay healthy.