Giulio Boato  Shiro Takatani, between nature and technology


Known for his dream-like, hypnotic universe, artist Shiro Takatani (1963–) passionately explores the origins of matter, from infinitesimal plankton to our immense star system. In this magnificent, poetic documentary, Takatani teams up with his closest collaborators, including composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, to celebrate his relationship with art and his eclectic oeuvre, ranging from dance and theatre to installations. He expresses himself simply and powerfully on his two great themes: nature and technology.


Giulio Boato studied art at the University in Italy and now lives between Italy and France, depending on the theater plays he stages and documentary films he directs. His first documentary film is a portrait of controversial stage director Jan Fabre. It was released in 2015 and broadcast in numerous film festivals over the world, it received the best art documentary award in Rome, Italy, the same year. Since then, Giulio Boato went on collaborating with Jan Fabre, recording his new shows and in particular the 24-hour long theater play Mount Olympus (2017). Last March, Giulio Boato presented at the Segal Center in New York his latest documentary on stage director Romeo Castellucci. He has created faithful and lasting bonds with artists he filmed or theater companies he worked with, as with Troubleyn and Angelos/Jan Fabre (Anvers), de Socģetas/Romeo Castellucci (Cesena), La Compagnie des Indes (Paris), Alchemy/Phil Griffin (London), Post Scriptum Company (Brussels) and DOYOUDaDA (Italy-France), which he co-founded. 

His documentary project on Shiro Takatani follows the same path et was made possible thanks to regular encounters with Shiro Takatani and his collaborators.


Director: Giulio Boato

Producer: Lea Bardet (Ideale Audience)

Coproducers: Vosges Télévision (French TV), Museum (French TV)

Distributor: EuroArts

Interviewees: Shiro Takatani, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yuko Hasegawa, Thomas Delamarre, Satoshi Hama, Rioji Ikeda, Richard Castelli, Olivier Balzarini, Yuko Hirai, Simon Fisher Turner

Copyright: © Ideale Audience – 2018

Film is in Japanese, English and French, subtitles in English

Duration: 55 min