Lauri Lagle / Von Krahl Theatre  Inevitability to Live at the Same Time


The first production of Von Krahl´s new troupe.

One late afternoon a famous sportsman emerged to the arena. He was not the same anymore. Illness had affected him for several years and there was not much left. He coughed and smoothed out an old wrinkled sports jacket with worn out letters. Then he looked around the empty stadium that once meant so much to him. His ears were struck with the sounds of fanfares, the noise of seething spectators and passionate shouts of his coach. It was the end of November, the air was damp. “Have you ever noticed”, asked the famous sportsman silently, “how beautiful is the old town of Tallinn?”

Lauri Lagle`s direction “Inevitability to Live at the Same Time” starts at the moment when everything is going to end. People have gathered and are preparing for something. But the new horizons do not open yet. Like our lives, this is not a story but moments from lives that have been lived and from those waiting ahead.

The name of the performance is a paraphrase of a painting by Peeter Mudist.


Lauri Lagle graduated from drama school of the Estonian academy of music and theatre in 2006 as an actor. He worked in Estonian Drama Theatre 2006–2013 and also made some directions. As a film actor he has worked with Veiko Õunpuu. He was a freelance actor and director in 2013–2019, at the moment works in Von Krahl Theatre.


Director: Lauri Lagle
Performers: Mari Abel, Ingmar Jõela, Rasmus Kaljujärv, Mart Koldits, Jörgen Liik, Markus Truup, Marika Vaarik
Scenographer: Kairi Mändla
Dramaturg: Eero Epner
Light designer: Siim Reispass
Sound designer: Artjom Astrov
Video artist: Maria Elisaveta Roosalu
Graphic design: Allan Appelberg
Photos: Herkko Labi

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia

Thank you: Sakala 3 theatre house / Laura Papper, Tallinn Airport GH / Tiit Kepp, Medical group / Sigrid Vahtra and Juss Herkel, Nordica / Inga Serman

Premiere: 28th of Nov 2019 in Von Krahl Theatre

Duration: 2 h 10 min in one act