Karl Koppelmaa/KELM Theatre  Stendhal syndrome

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My lovers are my creators. As I am theirs. When my lover has felt that I am ready (and I always trust my lovers), then he'll allow the others to see me.

Sometimes, whole structures are built just to expose me. They're called museums. And there I am, and people come and look. If they catch me fancy, they might take a picture of me with their phone. But to some, I might have a curious effect. Some look at me and feel their heart racing, the ground underneath them becoming soft, they might even hallucinate. Doctors have named this feeling – The Stendhal Syndrome. After Stendhal.

This new production by Karl Koppelmaa tackles the most common love triangle in history (of art).


Karl Koppelmaa (28.09.1992) is an Estonian playwright-director, founder and artistic leader of KELM Theatre. His recent work can be described as pseudo-documentalist storytelling. His play "Singing Green" was awarded the Grand Prix at the "Talking About Borders" playwriting competition. It has been produced in Regensburg Theatre in Germany (titled "Der Steigerung des Glücks") and in Liepaja Theatre in Latvia (titled "Dark Side ot the Moon"). His play "for we have been taught to fear snakes" ("sest meid on õpetatud madusid kartma") was nominated as play of the year for the Annual Awards of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.


Author-director: Karl Koppelmaa
Stage designers: Johannes Valdma, Karoliina Kull
Light designer: Martin Koldits
Sound designer:  Ilja Massalov
On stage: Karl Robert Saaremäe, Loviise Kapper, Elena Koit

Cancelled premiere: 16.04.2020

Performance is in Estonian 

Duration: 1 h