Andres Noormets/ Rakvere Theatre  Alibi


Self-justification in one act

5 estonians enter a specific and neat place. they are different. they have different past, understandings, political views, but they have to agree on things, because otherwise they can’t go neither further nor back. they have to find chances and tools for collaboration. they have to try and make an effort to understand themselves and the others, to understand what is going on at all. the situation is similar to cosmonauts’/astronauts’ training, when, for the sake of the best result, the students have to take their own egocentrism to the minimum, at the same time raising their empathy and being able to take decisions jointly. is it even possible? is it turning out to be a bigger brawl or a dramatic conciliation? everything is possible.

The performance is made in collaboration with the troupe.


Andres Noormets is an Estonian director and actor. He graduated from drama school of the Estonian academy of music and theatre in 1988 and after that worked in Ugala, Endla and Vanemuine theatres. He has written plays and poetry, taught action theatre and directed in radio theatre (2010 and 2016 Prix Europa prize for the best radio play). In 2015 he won the national theatre prize as the best director. As a director, both in theatre and radio, he is mainly focusing on estonian contemporary playwriting, also experimenting with the form, broadening the horizon of theatre in an audience-friendly way.


Director and designer: Andres Noormets

Costume designer: Maarja Viiding

Lightning design: Arne Maasi

Performers: Jaune Kimmel, Anneli Rahkema, Peeter Rästas, Tarmo Tagamets, Toomas Suuman

Cancelled premiere: 17. April 2020 in Rakvere Theatre’s small hall

Duration: 1 h and 30 min

Performance is in Estonian

Smoking on stage