Wed 4.7.2018 18.18 - Opening

Theatre lobby

Pieces from Reigo Kuivjõgi’s art collection

I have already organised five exhibitions on the subject of expatriate art but a while ago I also started acquiring some pieces of modern art for my collection. Mainly slightly wacky, surreal and abstract works. Because I like them. Although one might not understand every piece at first glance and some may remain obscure even when you look at them many times, each piece at this exhibition has influenced me enough so that I wanted to buy them. This exhibition at Rakvere Theatre is one of the first times I’ve brought all these works to the public and it’s hard to describe how excited and enthusiastic I have been in preparing this.

The exhibition’s seemingly confusing title I Don’t Know What (in French, Je ne sais quoi) is inspired by an approach by French art theorists. According to them, one doesn’t have to search for a broader meaning in each work of art, because there might not be any. And there doesn’t have to be. One can enjoy art even when there is no meaning in it.

Artists: Leonhard Lapin, Jüri Arrak, Enn Põldroos, Raul Meel, Andres Tolts, Mall Nukke, Jaan Toomik, Marko Mäetamm, Ilmar Kruusamäe, Albert Gulk, Kaido Ole, Maarit Murka, Peeter Allik, KIWA, Andres Sütevaka, Toomas Kuusing, Andrus Joonas, Heikki Leis, Alar Tuul, Robin Nõgisto, Alo Valge, Mihkel Maripuu, Maria Sidljarevitś, Tarrvi Laamann, Mirjam Hinn.