Anatoli Tafitšuk / Emer Värk  T O G E T H E R


If I were a door,

I’d shut silently and eternally.

A video performance "T O G E T H E R" is a live-action poetical drama performance, that focuses on the people escaping loneliness.

“T O G E T H E R" focuses on imaginative, intuitive images and allegory. Those will be accompanied with a purified and precise vocal part.

With the magical power the synthesis of fairytale and everyday or “magical realism” offer, we will map out the different stages of solitude and loneliness. It reflects the current situation in our society – social distancing, loneliness as a true pandemic, anxiety, fear and uncertainty of the unknown future etc.

In the center of the story are the conflicted worlds of the Prince of Solitude and the food deliverer Liisa. These fairytale-like characters will represent the opposites of the mindset fed by loneliness – dark and light, negative and positive, yin and yang. The Prince tries to separate people to their mute loneliness with his seductive monologues and horrifying-beautiful visual self expression.

Liisa, on the other hand, has figured out to change solitude into a happiness tool. She offers hope for the lonely, shows way to joy and teaches how to make a difference between loneliness and being alone.


We will bring the performers and the audience together with the invisible arc of video, moving in the same direction, where the development of the new television is also going. Based on the rules of theater, everything is here and now, in front of the eyes of the audience, the production "T O G E T H E R” is based on the promise, that everything is happening in the real live moment, on air. Therefore we will not use any pre-recorded materials. Presence of the directors will not be only through the rehearsals, but during the performances as well via technical solutions and nowadays nonlinear videoconference-like montage.


Anatoli Tafitšuk is a freelance actor and director, who was part of a contemporary theatre collective, Cabaret Rhizome.

Emer Värk is a visual artist, who has been working with contemporary theatre directors over 12 years in more than 30 productions. "You Will See So Many Pretty Things" was his first artwork as a director in Kanuti Gildi SAAL in 2019.

Video production “T O G E T H E R” is the opening performance of the artistic collective ULM (New Creative House). ULM is gathering the professionals from contemporary performance art, multimedia, visual art and also the wider community of creative thinkers from the Estonian artistic scene at the end of the Kopli peninsula and under the roof of the Kopli 93 historic building.

Authors and directors: Anatoli Tafitšuk / Emer Värk

Dramaturg: Taavi Eelmaa

Performers: Liisa Saaremäel, Rene Köster, Margus Mikomägi, Tiina Tauraite, Liis Lindmaa, Rain Tolk and Taavi Eelmaa

Sound artist: Renzo van Steenbergen

Visual artist: Mihkel Ilus

Choreography: Rene Köster

Technical solutions: Emer Värk and Mikk-Mait Kivi

Live-montage: Anatoli Tafitšuk and Emer Värk

Cinematography: Mikk-Mait Kivi and Simmo Saska

Communication: Jass Seljamaa and Kauro Tafitšuk

Set designer: Mihkel Ilus

Project manager: Loore Martma

Producer: Uue Loomingu Maja (ULM)

Cancelled premiere 18.06.2020

Duration: 70 min

Performance is in Estonian

The production is supported by: Elisa, Debora, Decora, Põhjala Kultuuritehas, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Elamusstuudio, Videal