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Baltoscandal recommends!

The city of Rakvere offers many opportunities to shift from international into local level. You’d better check it out.We will also list the places that we don’t actually recommend, but which are somehow vivid, special or even dangerous – that’s what Baltoscandal is like.

If you have trouble finding some places, ask from festival office. All information is random, probably false, but meant to present you the most arresting sides of Rakvere.

Shopping Centres

Põhjakeskus – the biggest shopping centre in West-Viru County: grocery and building stores, pharmacy, gifts, clothes, electronics, sportswear, pets, ATM. You can find anything… except books. It´s so big that needs to be located on the edge of the city. Transport is arranged with buses nr 5 and 5A, the last one is for free and departures from the bus-stop “Theatre” Mon-Fri at 10.13, 11.13 and Sat-Sun at 16.13, 17.13, 18.13. The trip takes 5 min. The bus-stop is situated ca 200 meters from theatre, when heading towards Tallinn (don’t mix it up with the festival bus-stop in theatre’s courtyard). The bus returns to city centre Mon-Fri at 10.35, 11.35 and Sat-Sun 16.35, 17.35, 18.35. If you go by car, take the direction towards Tallinn and keep looking on the right side of the road.

All the shops are open 10-20, Rimi grocery store 9-22. Rimi probably provides the widest assortment of foods in Rakvere. Web:

The grocery store Selver in Krooni Keskus (Krooni Centre) offers good customer service and sufficient selection of goods. It’s open every day 9-23. Located in the city centre F.G. Adoffi Str 11. Selver acclaims to present authentic Estonian articles, but the best foreign and international brands are also available. There is also a pharmacy, a liquor store, clothing stores, and Apollo bookstore (look under Other services).

Maxima – it´s the closest grocery store to theatre. They might have problems with customer service, so just put a smile on your face, say something in foreign language and everything will be fine. Works also vice versa. The address is Tallinn Str 11: turn left from the theatre’s courtyard, go down the hill and then straight for 500-600 meters.

Other services


Kondivalu Pharmacy, Vilde Str 14a, Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 8-16. Located in the city centre, nearby the bus station.

Pharmacy in Põhjakeskus, Tõrremäe, Rakvere parish, Mon-Sun 10-20.

Pharmacy in Rakvere Town Square, Koidula Str 1, Mon-Fri 9-19, Sat 9-15.

Rakvere Linnaapteek, Koidula Str 2, Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 9-15.

Rakvere Pereapteek, F.G. Adoffi Str 11, Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-17, Sun 10-15. Located in the Krooni Keskus (Krooni Centre).

Bicycle rent Rix Ratas – Parkali Str 7, Rakvere, Mon-Fri 9-18, L 9-15, phone +372 32 233 25, mobile +372 5564 5207. In Rakvere bike is enough to get from point A to point B. Before taking off make sure you know the way and have the address of the hotel or theatre with you. Festival bus is running during the festival, so if you don´t fancy the freedom of going and coming as you wish, you don’t have to rent a bike to visit performances. NB According to the law of Estonia any driver (including biker) has to be sober in traffic.

Apollo bookstores. There are two of them in Rakvere, one of them in city centre at Krooni Keskus (Krooni Centre), F.G. Adoffi Str 11 (open Mon-Fri 9-19, Sat 9-17, Sun 10-15) and another on the edge of the city at Vaala Centre, Lõõtspilli Str 2 (open Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-18, Sun 10-16). They have also literature in foreign languages, art books, music and movies (both Estonian and foreign). It´s just the place where to get your Arvo Pärt’s CD from.

Car rental – ask from festival office and we’ll find find it out for you. They say something might be out there.

Post office – if Rakvere’s peaceful atmosphere inspires you to turn back time, then Estonian Post offers post service at Tallinna Str 12. There’s a mysterious Sushi Tiger (opened just before festival) in the same building and Maxima grocery store across the street. Perfect combination, why not visit them all. Post office is open Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 8-14.

ATMs – no ATMs nearby theatre, the closest ones are in the city centre, at Keskväljak (Town square) and Raja shop, Ilu Str 2. Raja shop is located 700-800 meters right from the theatre.

Handicraft shops – two are located on Pikk street. Viru Handicraft (Viru Käsitöö) is on Pikk Str 16, open Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 9-15 and Marit’s handicraft shop is on Pikk Str 12, open Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 9-15. They offer handicraft and also material for making it (Viru Handicraft has slightly wider selection of material – wool, yarn etc).


B’OFF – Baltocandal’s OFF program from 2-5 July. Performances free of charge.


Aqva – Waterpark and Sauna Centre, massage and beauty services. Parkali Str 4, open dayly 9-22, Sauna Centre Mon-Fri 10-22, Sat-Sun 9-22. Morning swimming Mon-Fri 6-10.

NB 10% discount in Waterpark and Sauna Centre with festival card.

Museums of Virumaa – dive into Rakvere’s history in a stronghold on Vallimägi near to the theatre (open dayly 11-19), in an exhibition house at Tallinn Str 3 (open Tue-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-15) or in citizen housemuseum at Pikk Str 50 (open Tue-Sat 11-17).

Rakvere Gallery introduces county’s art and broadens horizons with exhibitions from artists further away. Address: Pikk Str 15. Free admission.

Library – Lääne-Viru Central Library at Lai Str 7 is open Mon-Fri 10-18. In addition to fiction and specialised literature, there’s also a collection of music.

Lahemaa National Park, open 24 hours, natural paths, Sagadi, Palmse and Vihula mansions, mosquitoes, the sea, Estonian flora and fauna. It’s located north from Rakvere.

Football. U-19 (that means under 19) European Championships take place from 3rd until 15th of July in Estonia with three matches also in Rakvere! Serbia and France meet on Tuesday, 3rd of July 18.45 at Rakvere Stadium (Kastani Ave 12), (can be watched also on Eurosport 1). Serbia and England meet on Friday, 6th of July 17.30; Horvatia and Serbia on Monday, 9th of July 20.00. Festival card owners – ask for tickets from festival office. NB visit also Baltoscandal match between Romantics and Cynics on Saturday, 7th of July at 12 in Theatre Park.


Theatre Cafe – right at the heart of the festival, you can grab a coffee of something more substantial. May be pretty overcrowded during the festival, but “Book your table for interval”. The morning’s first customer might be the remainder of last evening. Enjoy the mood inside or outside on the terrace, upstairs or downstairs during the festival club. Kreutzwaldi Str 2a, Mon-Fri 9-23, during the festival 8-04.

Art Cafe – the most cafe-like cafe in Rakvere. Cosy and rather romantic atmosphere. You can warm up by the fireplace in the winter and cool down in courtyard in summertime. A nice place to have some wine. Lai Str 13, Mon-Thu 9-22, Fri 9-24, Sat 11-24, Sun 11-22. NB with the main course or selection of snacks the bottle of house wine 5 € with festival card.

Turuplatz – cocktail bar styled cafe nearby Keskväljak (Town Square), Rakvere’s biggest teapots and nice interior. Exotic drinks and food. Place of a higher price range than Art Cafe. Turu plats 3, Mon-Thu 11-24, Fri-Sat 11-01, Sun 12-23. NB 15% discount with festival’s guest and performer card.

Pihlaka cafe – bakery and cafe, warm pies, cakes. Bakery brand known all over Estonia. Mildly modest by decor and atmosphere. Parkali Str 7, Mon-Sun 8-20.

Kära kants – hard rock cafe, with a little danger in the air, but in fact it’s quite safe and friendly place, where amongst other thirsty people you´ll might meet bohemians, is located in a cellar at Tallinna Str 28, Sun-Thu 16-24, Fri-Sat 16-03. NB Free admission with festival card and price of beer 1,5 €. Discount on beer applies also with festival ticket.

Carla Pub – probably the only football-pub in Rakvere. Added to this list on the recommendation of festival’s artistic director Priit Raud who has warm memories of it. So Priit, what exactly happened there? Good location in the city centre, Koidula Str 1, Mon-Thu 11-24, Fri-Sat 11-01, Sun 11-22. Although European Championships in football are over, you can visit U-19 (under 19) European Championships final cup matches in Rakvere (look under section Entertainment).

Mjau – a night lounge right across the street, Kreutzwaldi Str 1. A place for dancing and drinking. Entering on your own risk (there has happened a lot). Fri-Sat 23-05.

Bamboo Garden – wide variety of Asian food. Abundant menu and the multitude of choices makes it hard to make a decision – we recommend you to choose blindly and take what comes. Vallikraavi Str 6, Mon-Sun 11-23.

Sushi Tiger – facing Maxima, Tallinna Str 12. A place that has been flattering with the sign “opening soon”. And did open just before Baltoscandal. So probably the newest in Rakvere.

Slavic cuisine called “12 months” (12 kuud) – Lai Str 11, ethnic Russian cuisine. Mon-Thu 11-21, Fri-Sat 11-23, Sun 12-20.

Ararat – Armenian cuisine, different meat dishes and salads, plus freshly baked wheat bread. Good prices, big dishes. At the corner of Tallinna and Malmi streets, Mon-Sun 10-21.

Kadaka Amps – in the city centre Lai Str 11, fast food – hamburgers, French fries. For your safety – keep your eyes open. Open Mon-Thu 11-0.00, Fri-Sat 11-06.

Kebab – Parkali Str 8. The gas station next door offers basic goods (cigarettes, drinks, lighters). In Kebab the kebabs are good, burgers are tasteless and customers form an exiting mixture of morning people. Visit with caution, follow the safety rules. Open Mon-Thu 8-23, Fri 8-05, Sat 10-05.

Virma Pub – Tallinna Str 8, turn left from theatre, go downhill for 200 meters until you see a low stone building on the right side. Regular customers are middle aged. You can choose from Japanese, Asian, and Estonian cuisine – little bit of all, which may affect the quality. Open Sun-Wed 11-23, Thu 12-01, Fri-Sat 12-04.

Important numbers

Police – 110

Emergency – 112

Festival Office +372 32 95 451

Theatre Cafe / night desk +372 32 95 420