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Festival club – live: STATE OF ZOE (EST) + DJ Levy a.k.a Arvo Houkka (FIN)

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Sunday, July 8th /01:00-04:00 / stage 2

In august 2010 producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Sander Mölder started a pop-electronic collaboration with singer Anneliis Kits, which grew into several tracks released under the name Stereo Spectrum in autumn 2010. After a few apperances, the duo started to work on Sander’s own more jazzy material and were given the opportunity to warm-up Tortured Soul at the Autumn Jazz Festival in Tallinn. As the band needed a proper live stage approach – Sander and Anneliis joined forces with composer and multi-instrumentalist Talis Paide and drummer Peep Kallas, to bring an acoustic feel to the electronics. The concept and the act turned out to be a huge success – the four were a perfect match of ideas and thoughts. More and more live appearances followed and the future of the band was decided – newly found group continued under the name State of Zoe.

State of Zoe:

Anneliis Kits – vocals

Sander Mölder – keyboards, samples, electronics

Talis Paide – synthesizers, electronics

Boris Hrebtukov aka Borka – drums

Look also: http://stateofzoe.com