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Every day / 14:00 – 22:00 / draamamaa

Action. “I’m sorry to bother you, but have you seen a house here lately?” Drama. “Do you want me to come out naked and dripping into your cleaned-up room?” Draama. “You know the name of my cow?”*

Action (English), drama (Greek), draama (Estonian) – this is the essence of performing arts that transcends the boundaries of languages and aesthetic choices, the arm in fights for identity, the entertainer.

Estonians should know: with almost one million theatre visits per year for the population of only 1,3 million, Estonia is The Land of Drama – draamamaa in Estonian. Born in the wave of national awakening and holding a position of a truth-teller when the country was occupied, today Estonian performing arts is more diverse and ready to discover the world than ever.

But how much do you know about Estonian contemporary performing arts?

Did you know that all you have to do to get an overview of Estonian productions ready to travel and plays that have been translated is to visit www.draamamaa.ee, an interactive portal of Estonian performing arts in English?

Did you know that the best way to experience Estonian theatre is to visit the showcase-festival Draama held in the beginning of September each year or the bi-annual festival New Dance (next held in March 2013) if you’re more interested in contemporary dance?

Did you know that you could invite the core of Estonian performing arts to your festival/event in a form of an interactive exhibition of Estonian performing arts in English?

Did you know that we at the Estonian Theatre Agency** have the means to cover most of your costs related to your visit to the above-mentioned festivals in Estonia, or the necessary costs for inviting draamamaa.ee exhibition to your event if you’re located in Finland, Russia, Germany, Austria, or Switzerland?

“The world without Estonia – a better place or a worse place?”* Come and find out! Contact our team and we’ll lead you to information and contacts vital for you:

Project manager: Ott Karulin (ott@teater.ee, +372 5208498)
Export coordinator: Paul Piik (paul@teater.ee, +372 56915665)
Dramaturge: Heidi Aadma (heidi@teater.ee, +372 56486386)


draamamaa.ee is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia.


* Quotes are from the following Estonian plays: The Real Elvis! by Urmas Vadi, To See Pink Elephants by Piret Jaaks, The Highway Crossing by Jaan Tätte, Am I Alive Now by Siim Nurklik.

** Estonian Theatre Agency is a foundation dedicated to promoting Estonian performing arts both in Estonia and abroad. We have also handled the performing rights of most of the contemporary Estonian playwrights already since 1994.