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Forced Entertainment (GBR) „Quizoola!“

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Saturday, July 7th / 16:00-22:00 / stage 3

Over many hours three performers in shabby clown make-up interrogate each other with a text of 2000 questions. They sit inside a circle of bare electric light bulbs, in the intimate surroundings of a ‘found space’. The audience is free to arrive, leave and return at any point as this extraordinary, marathon game of questions and answers is played out.

Quizoola! is a live negotiation of what is real and what is performed – of what questions to ask and how to answer. Sometimes whispered, sometimes yelled, a barrage of questions are asked, from pop trivia through personal secrets, via pub-quiz and twisted philosophical search. Quizoola! explores the need people have for knowledge, certainty and definition through language. Dark, hilarious, absurd and intimate, it is a game that survives from moment to moment, a comical and sometimes brutal interrogation that soon gets out of hand.

Quizoola! has been performed in New York, Beirut and throughout Europe, in cellars, the basement changing area of an old gymnasium and under railway arches, confirming Forced Entertainment’s reputation as true innovators of contemporary British theatre.


Forced Entertainment

Conceived and devised by the company

Performers Forced Entertainment

Text Tim Etchells and the company

Design Richard Lowdon

Lighting Design Nigel Edwards

Forced Entertainment:

Administrator Gareth James

General Manager Eileen Evens

Marketing Manager Sarah Cockburn

Administrative Assistant Natalie Simpson

Commissioned by Lois Keidan and Catherine Ugwu at ICA Live Arts & National Review Of Live Art.

Forced Entertainment is regularly funded by Arts Council England.


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