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chelfitsch & Toshiki Okada (JPN) “Current Location”

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Friday, July 6th / 20:30-22:00 / warehouse / buy ticket

In their newest production Toshiki Okada and celfitsch will deal with:

- A desire for change as well as a desire not to change

- The fact that the criteria for measuring one’s strength and weakness can easily be changed

- The various ways in which people come to suffer from anxiety or learn to overcome it

- The processes through which people come to recognize that their own decisions or those of their loved ones reflect their firm determination (though this is frequently a misrecognition)

In 2012, chelfitsch will take you to a whole new world of theatre. Do not miss the chance!

Playwriter & Director: Toshiki Okada

Performers: Luchino Yamazaki, Yukiko Sasaki, Saho Ito, Kei Namba, Mari Ando, Izumi Aoyagi, Azusa Kamimura