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Juha Valkeapää & Taito Hoffrén (FIN) “10 Journeys to a Place Where Nothing Happens”

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Thursday, July 5th / 17:30-18:30 / Tent in Theatre Park / sold out!

Also on:
Friday July 6th / 17:00-18:00
Saturday July 7th / 16:00-17:00



A motor home is parked in the Theatre Park next to a large army tent. In the tent  two Finnish men are baking pancakes, making coffee and welcoming guests. The performance of artist Juha Valkeapää and musician Taito Hoffrén runs at a pleasant and leisury pace – the hosts take care of guests, talk, play some music, discuss a bit, get into some action and all through this tell us ten sincere stories with and with out words.

Written and performed by Taito Hoffrén & Juha Valkeapää

Producer Baltic Circle festival (Helsinki)

Premiere November 2010, Helsinki