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Tartu Uus Teater (EST) “The beatles of Vanemuine”

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Wednesday, July 4th / 21:00-22:45 / stage 1 / buy ticket

“The beatles of Vanemuine” is a third piece of a theatre historical trilogy by Tartu Uus Teater. The theatre innovation period in Estonian theatre history and its participants is highly mythologized. Something similar happened to one British band. The piece deals with interpretation. The question is, how to stay alive and not to loose aliveness in this theater machinery.

Author, director: Ivar Põllu

Performers: Maarja Jakobson, Maarja Mitt
(Vanemuine), Nero Urke, Helgur Rosenthal

Designer: Kristiina Põllu

Light design: Rene Liivamägi

Premiere: 30.03. 2012 
Tartu Uus Teater