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Henri Hütt (EST) “SPHERE ISLANDS (in order to dance)”

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Friday, July 6th / 17:00-18:00 / stage 2 / buy ticket

When Henri wrote to Riho about the plan of a new performance, he felt hesitation while waiting for an answer. Does father think that his son is ready creatively to find answers to the questions together?

Response came and this was not the question…

“Sphere Islands” is a trip to Henri’s and Riho’s common creative environment. The issues in between different art disciplines will be visualized through the prism of the contemporary performance space maintaining the feeling that you’re on a mystical journey. Equation “artist father – artist son” carries within it an exotic extra dimension that would remain even if their creative reference systems would be discarded. Still, “Sphere Islands” cannot escape from the poetry of stage space or cold and distant visual diversity that shapes the style.

Contemporary space + source based movement + game of planar technology = good news

Henri Hütt is techno-orientated performing artist and choreographer who values creative hybrid forms. Recently he has been working on “distant artist” artist position what could be defined as introverted human distance through the prism of nordic minimal. Henri’s most outstanding works on local dance scene are “The Reader” (Estonian Independent Dance Award 2011, breakthrough of the year) and art show “Caprices” in collaboration with Mihkel Ilus. Also, Henri’s ambitions and vanity force him to participate in different art projects, mostly within Europe. Henri Hütt is currently a MA student of fine arts at Estonian Academy of Arts.

Riho Hütt is a freelance glass artist based in Rakvere. His work is characterized by exquisite sense of line and positive frame of mind. Riho has graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts in glass art and tries to enrich Rakvere’s cultural scene with his creative experience. His artistic activities also involve being a curator at Rakvere Gallery. Riho’s previous experiences with performance art are mainly connected with gallery space and scenic journey „Sphere Islands” expresses a more solid step on the field of performing arts.

Roland Karlson is a sound artist who also belongs to a group Algorütmid. He is interested in the experimental side of music, where mathematics and different programming options are research tools and ears for to evaluate the outcome. Roland’s composition was also presented in Henri Hütt’s performance „The Reader” and the harmony that was found led to the entry into new spheres.


Direction, idea, implementation, performance: Henri Hütt

Implementantion, performance, artwork: Riho Hütt

Original music / music design: Roland Karlson

Technological and dratmaturgical aid: Taavet Jansen

Costumes and scengraphy: Kaie Olmre-Hütt

Light design: Revo Koplus

Photos: Liis Niller

Co-producers: Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Rakvere Teater

Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Rakvere Gallery