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Jolika Sudermann & Alma Söderberg (GER / SWE) “A Talk”

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Wednesday, July 4th / 23:00-00:00 / stage 3 / buy ticket

On any given day, we talk and talk. Not merely in words, but also in melody, rhythm and movement. Sudermann&Söderberg share a fascination for all those aspects of language that cannot be found in a dictionary. The melody of a love story and the message a silence conveys. How words of doubt adopt a rhythm, and how the body moves when we share our secrets. Increasingly, this duo is convinced that we do not so much meet to converse, but to sing and dance with each other in an intriguing game; the composing of language.

Jolika Sudermann (1982, Germany) and Alma Söderberg (Sweden) both studied at the AHK, Südermann took the Mime programme and Söderberg the School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling [School for New Dance Development]. In 2008, they started their cooperation with Freedom of Speech for the Over het IJ Festival in Amsterdam, with which they later toured European festivals.

Concept, choreography and performance: Jolika Sudermann and Alma Söderberg
Artistic advice: Igor Dobričić, Martin Nachba
Lighting design: Erik Gramberg, Tilo Schwarz
Production management: Stephanie Lühn
„A Talk“ is a Het Veem Theater production made in co-production with zeitraumexit Mannheim, FFT Düsseldorf and with kind support of Tanzfabrik Berlin
The performance at Baltoscandal is supported by Goethe Institut